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August 31, 2010

Strictly Truth ... Oh You Fancy Huh?

*Chan.Lo Note: Hello all! I hope Labor Day was splendid. Mixtape Monday will be back with a dope edition next week, however I know plenty of you have commented on the Strictly Truth topics we introduced. I appreciate all the feedback! This week, Elena P. takes a crack at a topic that has been on the minds of many. Take a read and speak the truth.

Peace. Love. Truth.

Drake refers to us as "Fancy", Wale as "Ambitious" and Ne-Yo as "Independent". Regardless of your lyrical preference, women who aspire to be appreciated for more than just their figures are being praised and encouraged throughout more musical media. So, why is it that these powerful men still settle for the video vixens, strippers and DE-pendant women in their industry and throughout? What makes our ambition any less desirable in real life, as opposed to when it is embedded in the hook of a chart-topping single? Allow me to explain my rationale.

It is easy to SAY that a financially successful man would rather date a woman with a degree, steady income, and a closet full of clothes purchased with her very own Visa. How often does this occur though? The artists we listen to want us to believe the hype but, lets be honest. Jay-Z and Beyonce are pretty much the only noticeable "power couple" and they seem to be the last of a dying breed. Watching the MTV/BET Awards is often like a game of "spot the video chick" who brought this model or that video girl as their evening arm candy. Not to hate on these women, do your thing, but, really? One trend I've noticed is that these women, as beautiful as they are, do not hold a candle to the men they accompany with regard to the power spectrum. Ironic? I don't think so.

Truth is, a man of such status prefers to "trophy" a woman with lesser power then himself. Women who contribute to the power equation don't require a man to complete them. A man to compliment is preferred over a man to supplement. The "independent woman" mind frame serves as a threat to many men who find their solutions in their bank accounts. Enitan "Bereolaesque" Bereola II said, "A rich man is used to owning things...that includes you!" Women who rely on a "sponsor" to pay bills and fill shoe racks are more likely to put up with infidelity and physical/mental abuse just to support their lifestyle. That is what makes the gold-digger so interesting to me. Why would one want to jeopardize the very essence of who we are as women (caretakers, helpers, gentle lovers) just to walk around with the latest Louis V. handbag on their wrists?

Ultimately a man's choice also boils down to convenience. We all know the saying "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free" lends quite a bit of validity to the overall argument. Typically, a woman who is looking for more than a few Gucci purses wants a little thing called, commitment. We want a family. We want love, not lust wrapped in a pretty package. For the powerful, controlling man, this type of relationship isn't convenient. Hit it and quit it is no longer applicable with the women mentioned above and ultimately, who wants to buy the cow?

Put yourself in the typical musician/producer/high profile artists shoes. You are a hip-hop phenom, traveling the country 360 days out of the year. Every night, there are swarms of women at your hotel, tour bus, dressing room, etc. Cloud 9 never felt so good and a little attention from exotic women doesn't seem like a bad idea. After all, they're basically undressing themselves, and you'll never have to see them again so, why the *bleep* not? Giving in is more and more prevalent and well, if he needs a date, at least he knows she's down for whatever after the show. One thing we all can agree on, regardless of occupation, is that temptation can be a woman's most effective weapon and a man's greatest excuse. Moreover, a woman with beauty and ambition farther than her body is a perfect combination but, is she convenient? Is she practical? On his dope record, yes. In real life, not so much.

The reality (not always, but all too often) is this: Women who handle their business, without the aid of a pole or retouched bikini photo, are the same women who sleep alone. And for those women who model, act, strip, whatever with the sole intent on supporting themselves and making sure they get their money as best they can, this isn't for you because you probably don't use men as a stepping stone to stardom. But, for the women who use their assets to live a lifestyle they cannot provide themselves, the invisible handcuffs that your too blinded by bling to see, will always remain, courtesy of the man who "loves" you.

- Elena P.
Hit Elena up on Twitter @ElenaMarieP

August 29, 2010

Mixtape Monday ... No Take Backs.

*Chan.Lo. Note: Blogspot and the 'Post' button weren't on the same page yesterday so, due to my hard work, dedication, unlimited amounts of frustration, and the threats I've received about another Mixtape Monday feature, I've decided to post what was supposed to be yesterday's edition, today. Tuesday. You'll also get a wonderful Truth Tuesday piece by our resident cool guy, Kenny Masenda. :) Enjoy the music and the commentary. This was worth the wait.
A Voice of Her Own - JoJo
Can't Take That Away From Me

I've loved JoJo for quite some time. Truly. I've always wanted her to grow into big things because, to me, her voice is unparalleled. In a world of cookie-cutter music, she has always sang about things relevant to her audience. This mixtape, her first, is no different. While I was slightly surprised at the apparent shift in genre, I must say her ability to speak volumes and touch the soul of listeners is still extremely intact. I'd like to see her go back to more of an R&B edge but, this mixtape shows that she's in a good place to make more significant career moves and like I said, I've always expect her to do big things. I hope she capitalizes.

Business Worthy Tracks

"Can't Take That Away From Me" - The 80's/Early 90's infused beat is a nice change. JoJo works the background vocals as well.

"Why Didn't You Call?" - Similar to a NERD track, this isn't something I would have heard as an R&B/rock infused track. JoJo plays well on the melody.

"Just A Dream" - Acoustic guitar accompanies JoJo on this India. Arie-esqe track. I could totally see her singing this in a coffee shop or open mic night. Beautiful arrangement and honest lyrics. Two thumbs up.

"What You Like" Feat. Jordan Gatsby - This is my favorite of the two duos featured on the mixtape. The use of her higher register is something JoJo capitalizes on with this piece. Very reminiscent of a joint from Prince, especially with the electric guitar break around the 1:40 mark.

"Boy Without A Heart" - This is on repeat. Classic honest JoJo. This will pull at the heartstrings of even the iciest of hearts. I know more than a few will adopt this as an anthem. Peep the chorus below:

"Cause you/You'll never change/The games that you play/It's just who you are/And I have to believe/It's you and not me/The boy without a heart."

Sheesh. Dry your eyes.

"All I Want Is Everything" - The title of her unreleased album that was set for release last year, this track is a prime combination of R&B and Pop. I could definitely hear Mary J. Blige with this on her roster. One of those songs that will force a head nod, not to mention the catchy hook.

Click HERE to download Cant Take That Away From Me by JoJo

Visit JoJo on Twitter @JoJoIsTheWay

August 26, 2010

Fresh Friday ... Shoe Loyalty

For the Ladies - Shoe Dazzle

As a confessed shoe addict, I'll be the first to let anyone know that when it comes to shoes, no price is too great for a fly heel, wedge, or sandal. My obsession with shoes is slightly disturbing and ShoeDazzle to me, is the the equivilent to giving the cat lady another cat...well, maybe not, but nonetheless, the discovery of this online shoe rack pretty much solidified my love for one click shopping.

ShoeDazzle, created by the one-woman show known as Kim Kardashian, is an online membership club created to bring fresh shoe trends to the masses at a portian of the retail price. For a measly $39.99/month, you receive multiple shoe options picked personally for you by a team of stylists who cater to your specific wants via an online survey. If the options selected don't work for you, you can ask that more be sent or, you can decline for that month and you won't have to pay a dime. Upon selecting a fabulous pair of shoes (I actually have the bright pink heels in the picture above - love em...and a portion of my purchase went to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.) your shoes will be shipped to the location of your choosing at no additional cost.

The fine folks at ShoeDazzle recently added purses and jewelry to your selection process. I've yet to figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing for my wallet. Nonetheless, ShoeDazzle is a wonderful tool for the budget friendly fashionista or the girl on the go. Go be dazzled.

Check out www.shoedazzle.com and register for membership.

Visit the stylists on Twitter @ShoeDazzle

For the Fellas...and the Ladies - Loyal KNG

I was on twitter...you know...tweeting, and I noticed a follow from this group. Naturally, I checked them out and I was quite taken with their merchandise. So much so, that I wanted to make sure to bring it to you. Loyal KNG (Loyal K.nowledge N.ever G.oes) is a Texas based clothing company specializing in custom t-shirts.

I especially admire the fresh graphics and the ode to the crew neck sweatshirt (I'll definitely be copping the black) in addition to the unique design, Loyal KNG gear is wonderfully priced with tees starting at $19.99 and sweatshirts selling for $40.00.

The samples below are priced as follows:

The Greatest Game Tee - $30.00 (available in black, heather grey and purple)

Gravestein Bear Sweatshirt - $40.00 (available in heather grey and black)

Below: Creative Stimulants Tee - $30.00 (available in heather grey, teal and black)

Got Brain? T-Shirt - $19.99 (for green) $24.99 (for purple and black)

*note: with every purchase, you receive a $5.00 Loyal KNG sticker pack (pictured at the start).

To cop fresh gear, check out their blog and absorb all that is Loyal KNG, visit them at: www.loyalkng.com

Follow them on Twitter @LoyalKNG

And I'm Gone.

Peace. Love. Fresh.



August 25, 2010

Press Play - New Music. New Writer. All Yours.

Chan.Lo. Note:
This is a week of firsts and capitalizing on our strengths. Here at SBNP and what will soon become Chan-lo.com, we live, love, and heart music. Those of you who have conveyed your love for new music, whether by Mixtape Monday or Playlist reviews, obviously feel us in this regard, so, I've taken it upon myself to add yet another member to the team.

Elena Paolini (Italian girls are BAD. :p lol) is a young woman who exudes the music vibe like no other. She's an old soul with a new ear. Peep her weekly playlist. She knows what she's talkin bout. ;)

EMP - Press Play

Hello music lovers of the world! Check out my first playlist! I've got a little something for everyone!

1) "Love Faces" - Trey Songz

"Love Faces" is the second single (following "Bottoms Up") off of Songz's upcoming Passion, Pain and Pleasure LP dropping 09/14/2010. Mr. Songz slows it down and gets back to much of his signature style on this record. Find yourself a pretty lady or a handsome man, press play, and have you a good ole time!

2) "What If I Kissed You" - Drake

This track is a nice switch for Drizzy, who seems to be leaning more on his R&B prowess these days. I'm a fan of the new new. You may be as well.

3) "Power (Remix)" Kanye West feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz

There isn't much to say about this one. The title speaks volumes. Download. Now.

4) "Speechless" Ciara

Production by The Dream on this joint rides smooth (no pun intended). Ci Ci brings hot lyrics as well. Spread the love.

5) "Holding You Down (Remix)" Jazmine Sullivan feat. Wale

J. Sullivan AND Wale!?! Enough said. Carrying on...

6) "First Time" Pleasure P

This is Marcus Cooper's first leaked song (seems like you get no play unless you got a leak...) off his For Your Pleasure, Vol. 1 mixtape. It definitely has a distinct summer-time feel, old school...well...not so old school Pretty Ricky vibe.

7) "Breaking Point" Keri Hilson

Produced by Timabaland, this is the first single off of her forthcoming release, No Boys Allowed. Track is dope and poinent. Reminiscent of a female version of "When A Woman's Fed Up" by Kells. Ms. Keri Babbbbbbyyyy definitely delivers.

8) "Go To Sleep" Lupe Fiasco

Track is on point. Hot lyrics. Dope beat. All there. Enjoy.

9) "Air of The Night" Karina Pasian

Karina won me over with the single "First Love", off of her debut disc. I feel a hit with this one. Beautiful. Check this girl out. One to watch.

10) "Blow Up" J. Cole

If you're working/in school and have dreams bigger than four walls can confine, do yourself a favor and make this an anthem. Check out more motivation from Mr. Cole: "It Won't Be Long" and "No Holding Me Back."

11) "Back In Style" Joss Stone

Baby Aretha's vocals are on point, as always. Bringing "in love" back in style. This track will make your insides tingle.

12) "I Ain't In Love" Fabolous

Sold flow. Two thumbs up.

13) "Gone Already" Faith Evans

She's baaaaaccckkkk! I've always been a Faith fan so, it's exciting to hear new material.

14) "Stroke Your Ego" Usher

Ursher baby. Ha. Song is produced by Danja and reported to be a single on the upcoming Versus LP. Definitely a different sound but, give it a couple of listens.

Just In Case You Haven't Heard...Extra Ear Dope:

"See Me Now" Kanye West feat. Beyonce and Charlie Wilson

"Right Above It" Drake feat. Lil Wayne

"Mojo So Dope" Kid Cudi

"Commander" Kelly Rowland

"Hot Toddy" Usher feat. Jay-Z and Ester Dean

Happy Downloading!

Elena P.

Feel free to hit up Ms. E on Twitter @elenamariep

From our ears to yours.
Peace. Love. Music.



August 24, 2010

Truth Topics...The Introduction

Chan.Lo. note:

I've been playing with ideas for this blog as well as features that will be implemented when www.chan-lo.com launches in the Fall. One thing that was notably absent was a lack in personal features that cater to the original goals of SBNP and Chan-lo.com. While we are all about our business, I believe its important for you, as our readers, to receive a glimpse into our thoughts. Therefore, I've added another creative mind to the writing team. Kenny Masenda is wonderful writer, super-duper sports fan, and an all around stand-up guy. He's written original works on his own blog (I Got Soul) and he also contributes heavily to the sensational sports blog: www.edthesportsfan.com .

Peep the piece below and say hello to Business Personal. :)

The Old Days Are Gone

It seemed like a dream, because it was simply too good to be true. An arena packed with concert-goers danced, sang along, and rejoiced in old times. Even though the scene was recent, the elements involved made it feel like so long ago. There were old-school dance moves, simplistic lyrics, and nostalgia abound. This was the scene at the Verizon Center about two months ago, at the New Jack Swing concert. That night, I felt like I was back in middle school and high school all over again. Montell Jordan kicked it off, with SWV, Dougie Fresh, Bell Biv Devoe, and Blackstreet following soon after. Honestly, anytime one of them sang a song, I was able to put myself back in that time, at a certain event, and the feeling was beyond anything I experienced in a long time, if ever.

There were school dances, walks home, parties at the skating rink, basketball games, you name it. As much as I enjoyed it, it was also a sign that my childhood, as well as others of folks my age, is long gone, and waiting for a time like that to be duplicated is the worst exercise in futility any of us can engage in.

There were times when complaints about today's R&B flowed out of my mouth relentlessly. It seemed perfectly normal to compare what folks listen to not to what we listened to in the other days, and see absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. After a while though, it just hit me that times are different. In that era, simplicity was in, and folks were able to enjoy it to no end, because the music was just that good. It spoke to us, through us, and for us. When a youngster had trouble articulating his feeling to a girl he had a crush on, he just played a song off the radio, and he won. It wasn't even corny to do it then, and even the few detractors you had didn't matter, because the majority would let you make it anyway.

Take a minute, and just think about some of the 90's R&B groups. You had Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Silk, Shai, Blackstreet. Hell, you even had Dru Hill, and lets be for real; Dru Hill, as good as they were, could never be put in the same category, in terms of greatness as Jodeci, Silk, or even a Shai, but if you put Dru Hill in today's R&B climate? Those cats would be as big, or bigger, than anyone doing it, yet they were middle-of-the-pack back then. They would be considered legendary, yet you can look at the old day, and since there was so much talent to go around, they're remembered as good, but not great. By no mean is it a knock on them, it just lets you know how fortunate of a time it was that we grew up in.

The same goes for individual artists. Who are considered today's stars of R&B? Pick one, two, or even three of them. Take those three and put them in the 90's and see how they would hold up. Do we see what these artists are up against? Even those who were considered average back then would be top-notch now! Once I began to look at my comparisons like that, my energy to rail against the new regime died.

The best today's R&B artists can do is forge their own path. Attempting to be as good as the golden years of R&B is like someone trying to be the next Jordan. It's impossible, and while they may have a little moment or two, they'll eventually crumble under the expectation and the weight that comes with the responsibility.

For me, the old days are gone, and that concert, on that night, with that crowd of people singing, dancing, and rejoicing confirmed it for me. Fans and lovers of 90's R&B can always turn back the clock and listen to how it once was, but waiting for today to be anywhere near yesterday will be the worst mistake any of us can ever make.

-K. Masenda

Make sure to check out Kenny's work and visit him on Twitter @soulonice6

Peace. Love. Life.



August 22, 2010

Mixtape Monday ... Keep It Tight

Seeing Red - Mr. Focus
Laser Vision: The Story of R. Trevino

I peeped this mixtape on a DatPiff treasure search. With over 2,000 downloads and over 5,000 listens, its no surprise that this joint is certainly classified as a gem in the rough. Truthfully, while Mr. Focus delivers on solid material (he provided listeners with 15 quality tracks to groove to) I feel as if the production value and many of the chorus's overshadow his contribution to the piece. Take a look at the business worthy tracks below and click the links to listen.

Business Worthy
"Summer Days"
"Only Girl I Need" feat. Haz Raheem
"Born Fly"
"Late Night Love"

Check out Laser Vision: The Story of R. Trevino on DatPiff.com
Follow Mr. Focus on Twitter @TheRealMrFocus

Better Late Than Never - Wale
More About Nothing

I wasn't going to write about this mixtape. I wasn't. Not because it isn't good (its amazing), and not because Wale is a big label artist, but, more so because everywhere I turned, I was greeted with the question, "Ay. When you gonna write about that Wale joint?". I tried to hold out. Lest, I cannot sit on something this good, especially knowing that there are those who have yet to find it a home on their iPods...or Zunes...or car stereos.

Wale's lyrical fire is virtually unmatched with this particular piece. I've liked him for quite some time not just due to his delivery but, because he's made himself a poet who happens to rap. His lack of hesitation in embracing that particular art form is not lost on me, most notably in "Ambitious Girl".

His unique spin on sampling (in this case, it happens to be clips from the hit series, Seinfeld), coupled with his ability to convey multiple perspectives in one song (check out "The Eyes of The Tiger" which is an ode to the mind of Tiger Woods, and "The Manipulation 2") allow us to dive deeper into the mind of the music.

My words really won't do this mixtape justice so, I suggest you click on the link for a listen.

Check out More About Nothing via a link posted by the good folks at UndergroudAppeal.com

Til Next Time,
Happy Downloading!

Love. Peace. Music.



August 15, 2010

Mixtape Monday ... You Ain't Know?

This week, Mixtape Monday returns with our first "fem-cee" feature. This was not the piece I originally planned on bringing to you, however, I was introduced to the following artist at a show I had the privilege of attending and I felt the need to bring you the new music on my mind. Peep the piece to get acquainted.

EmSHE - Ni Taylor

Take No Prisoners

The game has a handful of female emcees who have been significant contributors to the music filtered through the airwaves this year. However, if I'm being honest, we've yet to see the resurgence of a femcee who can keep your attention while relying more on her lyrics and less on her ability to be a freak. Pause. Shrug.

With a mainstream flow that is rooted in Christ (Ni began as a Gospel rapper in 2000), Ms. Taylor has earned the praise of such hip-hop royalty as: MC Lyte, Monie Love, DJ Scratch and the one and only, DJ Spinderella.

With Take No Prisoners, Ni Taylor gives us a glimpse into her lyrical precision and a delivery that would put most male rappers to shame. As a member of the 80's Baby Ent. camp, Ni Taylor is backed by production and lyrical extraordinaire, J. Rhodes who has landed on some pretty dope features with Ms. Taylor. Both "80's Baby" and "Munsta" (featured on Take No Prisoners) are certified nod-worthy and most definitely download necessary.

I look forward to hearing more of the same intricate lyrics on more versatile beats. Ms. Ni Taylor is definitely one to watch. Now you know.

Business Worthy Tracks:

"Flyyyyyaaaaa" - This is one sweet introduction. Listen to every word and say hello.
"Munsta" feat. J. Rhodes - Two words: On repeat.
"Don't Have Wings" feat. Dondria - Sweet retrospective piece featuring another Dallas standout.
"Made Your Bed"
"I'm Here"
"Scientist" - This is a surprising sample. I love it.

Check out the Take No Prisoners HERE
Be sure to follow Ms. Ni Taylor on Twitter @Ni_Taylor

Happy Downloading!

Peace. Love. Music.



August 5, 2010

Fresh Friday ... Fashion NERD

For the Ladies - From Their Closet...To Yours

This weeks first fresh find comes from our friends at intheircloset.com. Every fashionista on a budget who doesn't have the luxury of a personal stylist has, at one point, seen a purse, shoe, dress or outfit for which they wonder...WHERE CAN I FIND THIS!?! I stumbled across this site after searching for the Louboutins above and have been hooked since my first visit. In Their Closet promises exactly what the name presumes: pinpoint fashionable pieces and bring them to the masses by illustrating both the original designer as well as offering budget friendly substitutes.

Visit www.intheircloset.com for more fashion browsing and visit the lovely ladies on Twitter @intheircloset

For You All - Get Nerdy

This week, another Dallas company is standing out in the fresh department. Nerdy Fresh combines a style that is carefree and fun with one that is undeniably unique. While the line isn't exactly overflowing with pieces geared towards the female population, the shirts and jerseys are worth copping in a small. Rock it with skinny's and heels or shorts and gladiator sandals. Eitherway, you'll be sure to appear fresh. :).

Make sure you check out even more of the Nerdy Fresh brand on Twitter @IAmSoNerdyFresh and online at: www.nerdyfresh.com

Happy Shopping!



August 1, 2010

Mixtape Monday...On The Come Up.

We've received lots of love for the Mixtape Monday posts on both SBNP and Underground Appeal. I chose to do something a bit different for this week's post so, as always, feedback is always appreciated. Keep showing love and please continue to send me your mixtape links! Follow me on twitter @Chan_Lo and I'll make sure to download your links!

Corey Simon aka C.O. "Tell Me" and "365"

Good music tends to find me in the oddest of places. I had the pleasure of meeting one of this week's featured artists a few weeks ago. We were chill-axin at a mutual friends barbecue and he played a few tracks off of his upcoming LP. I was intrigued. Corey Simon, aka C.O. originally from the Lower 9th in New Orleans, Louisiana has been putting in work. His industry experience is impressive, working in Los Angeles under Mike Lynn and Interscope as well as with the super lab ID labs out of PA, C.O. is currently working with Playa Will out of the N.O. and the super-producer, DJ Don Cannon on his first LP due to be released in September 2010.

Two songs featured are "365" produced by Playa Will and "Tell Me" produced by Don Cannon. "365" is a clever play on words and shows a bit more of C.O.'s ability than the feel-good summer jam, "Tell Me". Reminiscent of an early Kanye joint pre-College Drop Out, "365" is nod-worthy however, I would have liked to see more bars from C.O.

The first few chords in "Tell Me" sound incredibly close to Mario's "How Do I Breathe" and then, the beat drops. C.O. has potential with this song, his first single. However, I think the chorus could be stronger. As it is, the song is a 2010 version of "Sunshine" by Lil Flip featuring Lea. I think if C.O. were to find a stronger voice to accompany the track, it would definitely make this Cannon smash a hit.

To download "Tell Me" on limelinx, click HERE
Download "365" by clicking HERE

Follow C.O. on Twitter @C_O_

The Understanding - Shareefa
The Misunderstanding of Shareefa
Its pointless to even try to put a mixtape up worth two cents without it having some sort of stamp from Don Cannon. Dude is working. Much respect. Nonetheless, our second feature for this week comes from former DTP standout, Shareefa. When Shareefa hit the scene in 2005 (she was rocking that shaved side before all y'all. Haha!) with her hit "Need A Boss" I was definitely looking for her to make a significant name for herself. With a powerful voice, and a strong camp, Shareefa was poised to be the new R&B ride or die chick. Instead, Keyshia Cole picked up the title and Monica took it back.

Shareefa is back with a mixtape hosted by DJ Don Cannon entitled, The Misunderstanding of Shareefa. Much like former MTM feature, Asia'h, Shareefa is capitalizing on the Cannon seal of approval and I ain't mad at her. This joint BANGS. All capital letters. If you love music and you love artists who make songs cry, you'll appreciate this download. It is worth your time. I would've done without the skits and interludes but, the musical content is undeniably personal and the lyrics are poignant. Also, the addition of Raheem Devaughn on track 10 entitled: "Ya Love" is additional icing on the cake.

This mixtape tells a love story that never gets old. Make sure you read it.

Business Worthy Tracks:

"My Life" - Shareefa samples Weezy on this remake. It's very raw and touches on her struggle. You'll love.

"By My Side" Produced by Bangladesh, this joint is an ode to the Good Men. "Black Brutha..." :)

"Home Wrecker" ...the title speaks for itself. Check the chorus below:
"...I done had enough/trick be gone/All up on my n&%a/need to get your own/Home Wrecker/See its h&%s like you that give a bad name to women/got your legs open/tryin to steal my happy-ending/Home, Home, Homewrecker."

"Ya Love" featuring Raheem Devaughn - Pretty and poetic.

Download The Misunderstanding of Shareefa on DatPiff by clicking HERE

Make sure to follow Shareefa on Twitter @gotreefa

Till Next Week...Peace. Love. Music.