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January 25, 2011

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January 10, 2011

New Music - Aaron Camper: Welcome to My World vol. 1

I absolutely adore good music.  There is nothing better than listening to something that not only evokes emotion but, something that makes you press rewind with the sole intent of hearing every lyric, every instrument, and every harmony.  Maybe my love for music is one only shared by few but, I like to think that everyone has in them a passion for songs that seem to be hand picked just for you. 

Nonetheless, I stumbled upon Aaron Camper's mixtape entitled Welcome To My World: The Mixtape, vol. I in my search for something new and I was introduced to just what I needed.  Aaron Camper isn't new to music.  He's a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and, since his introduction in 2004, has worked with everyone from Jill Scott to Stevie Wonder (...yes...STEVIE WONDER).  He received his first RIAA certified gold album in 2008 (at the age of 22) with Marvin Sapp’s Grammy nominated album Thirsty.

Welcome To My World is a wonderful blend of musical artistry.  Down to the background vocals, each piece is arranged and mixed to perfection.  The twelve song tape has only four tracks with artist features (including: Brandy, Kanye West and Swizz Beats) which, I feel, gives Camper the ability to showcase himself apart from the voices of more established performers.  His voice isn't the best I've ever heard, nor is it the most powerful but, its honest.  I can appreciate that fact more than hearing someone belt a high E above middle C.

Take a look and a listen to the business worthy tracks.  To download Welcome To My World, head to http://www.aaroncampermusic.com/ and follow him on Twitter @AARONCamper.


"No More"

Reminiscent of a Kanye joint (sans 80% of the auto-tune), "No More" touches on unrequited love and gold digging women.  Sounds like something straight off of 808's and Heartbreak.  The guitar solo and drum break at the 2:50 mark add some extra oomph.

"Water Runs Dry"

This is the only remake I've heard of this song which was originally penned by Babyface and performed by Boyz II Men.  The combination of a revamped arrangement and Camper's original bridge bring this classic song into 2011.  Great remake.  If you listen closely you'll hear that the background instrumental accompaniment is straight out of Jay-Z's "Run This Town".  :).  Just an observation.

"Moment of Silence" feat. Eric Roberson and DJ Active

This ballad is one on my latest playlist.  The lyrical content is an open letter of apology from a man to a scorned woman.  Another sample from Hov's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)" completes the chorus.

"Second Thought" feat. Brandy

Aaron sure does apologize quite a bit. :).  Yet another ballad.  Brandy makes this track balance well.  Ladies will love the message.

Honorable Mention:

"How Does It Feel?"

Fellas will identify with this message whole heartily.   Lyrically, Aaron hits the nail on the head with this one. 

Nicki Minaj Lands Spring 2011 Edition of V Magazine.

I've had my reservations about Nicki. I have. She's growing on me though.  Looking forward to seeing the video she shot for the single "Fly" this weekend with Rihanna. 

The issue of V Magazine hits newsstands later this month.

January 7, 2011

Get Fresh - Baby, It's Cold Outside.

For Her: Cardigans and Color.

More recently, I've received a few requests for advice on my favorite winter wear pieces.  Apparently my cold weather roots are coming in handy. :).  I'm big on comfy cardigans and cropped sweaters.  The weight of the extra material is guaranteed to keep you warm while, the cut of the cloth doesn't automatically make you think of your Granny's favorite sweater.  

Hint: dress up cardigans by adding a ruffled or bow tie top and a pair of slacks.  Dress it down with a men's v-neck or your favorite graphic tee. 

Urban Outfitters - BDG Striped Shawl Collar Cardigan
(available in: Tan and Grey)
$68.00 USD
Click HERE to view.

These options from UO are also appealing:
(Would pair nicely with a white blazer and skinny jeans)

Forever 21 - Adeline Sweater Cardigan
(note the multicolor trim on the pockets)
$24.80 USD
Click HERE to purchase.


Forever 21 - Long Multi Knit Cardigan
$24.80 USD
Click HERE to view.

Unbalanced Crop Knit - Beige
(features an asymmetric neck line and hem)
$68.00 USD
To view this knit top, click HERE.

In addition to winter wear, I've recently decided to fore-go my typical nude lip for brighter shades paired with all black pieces or light hued sweaters and jackets. The contrast has added another dimension to the look without overpowering. I'm all about versatility and receiving the most for your buck so, naturally, I took immediately to the pigments offered by M.A.C.  The purchase provides powder that can be used as lip, eye and cheek color.  To utilize it as a lip-stick I blend a bit of the powder with my favorite gloss or balm.  Check out my favorite shades below and visit:
 M.A.C. Cosmetics to purchase.

Fuschia Frost
$19.50 USD

Magenta Madness
$19.50 USD
(.15 oz)

For Him: The Bomb Like...Tick, Tick.

I've been really into fitted sweatshirts as of late.  I think the pair well with winter staples such as bubble and fleece vests as well as scarves and hanging ear hats for gentlemen who find themselves in casual situations and more often than not, on the go.  I also have a slight obsession with watches so, needless to say the featured piece caught my eye.  The fact that I can buy it for my man and wear it myself, added a bit of twinkle to my eye. 

Browse. Buy. Wear. :).

The Hundreds - Johnny Crew Sweatshirt
$84.48 USD
Available at ASOS.


Vestal - Unisex SLA004 Grenade Green Stainless Steel Watch
(Available in: Army Green and Black)
$140.00 USD
Click HERE to purchase.

*UPDATE* Browsing www.amazon.com and found this watch for $49.90 (savings of 64%!)
View for the the Amazon price HERE.

January 6, 2011

Sore Losers - Get A Life Documentary - Snippet Released

Texas bred hip-hop and beyond group, Sore Losers, hit us with a heads up clip of their soon to be released documentary entitled Get A Life

The doc chronicles the journey of Blue and Brown as they hit the highs and lows of their ever rising popularity. 

Check out the preview below and head to http://www.wearesorelosers.com/ for more info.

January 3, 2011

Is This The Last We've Heard From Jazmine?

I don't blog about the personal lives of artists. It just isn't my cup o' tea.  However, when Jazmine Sullivan took to Twitter (otherwise known as the portal to the underworld) last night to publicly announce her pseudo-retirement I gasped...and wondered, "WTH!?! Is it that bad Jazzy!?!".  The tweets (which have since been removed) can be seen in their entirety below:

"I’m making an official announcement that i am taking a break from music. i’m trying to figure out who i am… w/out a mike, paper or pen.  i promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore i wouldn’t do it. and here i am. i’m not saying i wont ever sing again in my life becuz i dont believe that. but in this moment… rt now… i got some things to figure out. i love u all and appreciate u soooooo much. u have no idea.  how much u’ve inspired me and fed my ego. but the truth is that i have to believe in me whether you all do or not. and thats what i’m lookin for. that belief in myself. me. I. i love us. thanks for being here for me and riding with me on this journey. let us continue."

Well, I can't say that I won't miss her gorgeous voice but, I can't put myself in her shoes.  I commend her for having the strength to walk away from all of this if she truly is not happy.  I just hope this isn't a publicity stunt.  That would hurt my soul.

Peep the video below of Jazmine singing "In Love With Another Man" in the Seventeen offices 2 years ago.  Chills.

January 2, 2011

New Music: "Look At Me Now" - Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes

"I can't see how you can hate from the outside of the club.  You can't even get in."

I chuckled at the first line of the latest leak from Chris Brown.  "Look At Me Now" featuring lyrical fools Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes is obviously a playground for the elder musicians.  Busta and Wayne both go in...which was expected.  CB tries his hand and the whole rapping/singing thing made popular by Drake.  Granted, he sings better than Drizzy but, he really sounds like he's trying to pull a #LemmeHolDatBeat a la Trey Songz.  

However, I won't hate on the song.  It'll bang in any whip.  The beat is crazy and the addition of Wayne and Busta give the song mixtape credibility. 

Take a listen below and click the link to download.

To download "Look At Me Now" click HERE.