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July 2, 2009

Breakin Hearts.

Home Is Where The Heartbreaks.

I find it encouraging that there are very few things in life we tend to gravitate towards more than what is familiar and comforting. I felt it best to start out my blog series with a little piece of my heart. :0)

Whenever I'm able to make it home to Minneapolis ("The Sota") I indulge in the usual delights found in a homecoming. While Mama's cooking is the largest staple of my visits, there is one place to which I must always find myself spending an obscene amount of time and an even more offensive amount of my money.

Heartbreaker in the Uptown area near Lake Street and Lake Calhoun would be a another quaint storefront off of Hennepin if not for the blazing neon pink sign bearing the clothing stores signature name (it's exterior is topped only by the gold glitter entrance to Chino Latino Latin Bistro, which happens to blind passersby from the opposite side of the street). The spacious, two-floor boutique boasts a plethora of modern, trendy gear anywhere from fashion forward couture to punk rock chic.

The store carries a number of designers citing extreme name brands such as Hurley, Hudson, Billabong, Juicy Couture, and 7 For All Mankind while still maintaining a steady cash flow with lesser known brands and even more sale items. While the shelf life is slim for anything not $100 or more, it's not uncommon to find the store flooded with customers taking advantage of half off merchandise, vintage jewelry, and handbags all the while shelling out $190 for skinny jeans that fit like a glove. Literally.

The pride of this Minneapolis fashion oasis can be found on the bottom level where racks of shoes cause grown women to forget their own names...at least I do. :) Heels, boots, jeweled sandals and Retro Chuck Taylor sneaks priced reasonably at $30-40.00 are just a sample of the foot friendly selection that awaits.

Fellas, you won't be left out either. Heartbreaker carries a small but, extremely assorted collection of designer men's wear including Joe's Jeans and Kanye West collector shades.

If you would like more information on store locations, brands and hours of operation, please visit: www.shopheartbreaker.com or call the Uptown location at: 612.822.2892.

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