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September 2, 2009

The Heart of 305

Ghostwridah - A New Kind of Heartbreak

"The most important thing in this business is your grind. If you ain't determined, then honestly, this is the wrong business for you." -Ghostwridah

I like to research and it comes in handy to have a working knowledge of the topics about which you write. Best of all, it helps one to not sound like a idiot with a pen.After deciding to review the latest mixtape release from Ghostwridah entitled: 305's and Heartbreak, I must admit I was slightly apprehensive, given the title of the album, that it would contain no more than an attempt to be a bootleg Kanye, which would probably be a bit of a death wish for any rapper wanting to be taken seriously. Then, I did my research.

Straight out of Dade County, Ghostwridah has been establishing his place in the hierarchy of Miami rap icons. Releasing several successful mixtapes including King of the Streets, The Hood's Choice (volumes 1 and 2) and Coming from Da Bottom, he also penned Miami's response to "New York" by Ja-Rule and killed it like it hit his mama. Therefore, I would have been that idiot with a pen if I had gone with my previous assumption. Good thing I'm not incompetent.

305's combines remixed versions of 7 of the songs released on Kanye West's 808's and Heartbreak. Most noteworthy include:

"Say You Will",
"Welcome to Heartbreak" featuring singer Summer Jae,
"So Clueless" (also known as "Heartless" by K. West), and
"Bad News" featuring Shifta.

Ghostwridah finds a way to combine his own style and unique flow in these records so much so that it forces the listener to anticipate what comes next after the fade of each track. The keen and introspective lyrics are definitely a breath of fresh air in an age where the deepest hip hop hit reflects on having sex with every woman in the world (insert eye roll). Take a look at 16 from "The Entrance - 305's":

"Haters can't stand it//but I love it though//it's just sad raps turned into a puppet show//it's monkey see, monkey got damn do//I'm sick & tired of hearin s&*t that's not damn new//enough about them//let's jump into the heartbreaks//and how I run through more shoes than a car brake//see there I go again jumpin off subject//and there's alot of real s&%t that I aint touched yet//so dine with me, stick around for the meal//hope you enjoy my company//please "Say You Will"..."

Even more, while he uses the original beats, he also incorporates a new sound into each of them. Chip Williams adds incredible guitar riffs to "Say You Will", "Coldest Winter", and "Kill You In My Nightmares!" and Wridah introduces us to another Miami stand-out originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Shifta on "Bad News". When I heard the record, I literally thought this man was the original MTB bredda, Dylan. Haha. I digress...

In addition to the 808 instrumentals, Wridah also includes 5 original tracks produced by Lowkey ("Celebrate Life" and "The Exit - My Future") and Miami Beat Wave ("The Entrance: 305's" and "Could've Had It All"). On "Could've Had It All" we are re-introduced to Ms. Summer Jae who kills the hook on "Welcome To Heartbreak".All in all, 305's and Heartbreak is a new take on a recent classic and only elevates Ghostwridah to recognition that is long overdue. Grind all day homie.

Ghostwridah - 305's and Heartbreak

Must Listen To: "Celebration", "Say You Will", "Bad News"

Do Some Research: Check out other songs from Mr. Wridah - "Don't Hurt Em" feat. Usher, "Lock and Chain" by Emanny and "Born and Raised" feat. Shawty Lo (made for a ride in the whip...this bangs).

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