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August 5, 2010

Fresh Friday ... Fashion NERD

For the Ladies - From Their Closet...To Yours

This weeks first fresh find comes from our friends at intheircloset.com. Every fashionista on a budget who doesn't have the luxury of a personal stylist has, at one point, seen a purse, shoe, dress or outfit for which they wonder...WHERE CAN I FIND THIS!?! I stumbled across this site after searching for the Louboutins above and have been hooked since my first visit. In Their Closet promises exactly what the name presumes: pinpoint fashionable pieces and bring them to the masses by illustrating both the original designer as well as offering budget friendly substitutes.

Visit www.intheircloset.com for more fashion browsing and visit the lovely ladies on Twitter @intheircloset

For You All - Get Nerdy

This week, another Dallas company is standing out in the fresh department. Nerdy Fresh combines a style that is carefree and fun with one that is undeniably unique. While the line isn't exactly overflowing with pieces geared towards the female population, the shirts and jerseys are worth copping in a small. Rock it with skinny's and heels or shorts and gladiator sandals. Eitherway, you'll be sure to appear fresh. :).

Make sure you check out even more of the Nerdy Fresh brand on Twitter @IAmSoNerdyFresh and online at: www.nerdyfresh.com

Happy Shopping!



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  1. Cool tip about In Their Closet! Thanks Chan! Xo Chasa