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August 22, 2010

Mixtape Monday ... Keep It Tight

Seeing Red - Mr. Focus
Laser Vision: The Story of R. Trevino

I peeped this mixtape on a DatPiff treasure search. With over 2,000 downloads and over 5,000 listens, its no surprise that this joint is certainly classified as a gem in the rough. Truthfully, while Mr. Focus delivers on solid material (he provided listeners with 15 quality tracks to groove to) I feel as if the production value and many of the chorus's overshadow his contribution to the piece. Take a look at the business worthy tracks below and click the links to listen.

Business Worthy
"Summer Days"
"Only Girl I Need" feat. Haz Raheem
"Born Fly"
"Late Night Love"

Check out Laser Vision: The Story of R. Trevino on DatPiff.com
Follow Mr. Focus on Twitter @TheRealMrFocus

Better Late Than Never - Wale
More About Nothing

I wasn't going to write about this mixtape. I wasn't. Not because it isn't good (its amazing), and not because Wale is a big label artist, but, more so because everywhere I turned, I was greeted with the question, "Ay. When you gonna write about that Wale joint?". I tried to hold out. Lest, I cannot sit on something this good, especially knowing that there are those who have yet to find it a home on their iPods...or Zunes...or car stereos.

Wale's lyrical fire is virtually unmatched with this particular piece. I've liked him for quite some time not just due to his delivery but, because he's made himself a poet who happens to rap. His lack of hesitation in embracing that particular art form is not lost on me, most notably in "Ambitious Girl".

His unique spin on sampling (in this case, it happens to be clips from the hit series, Seinfeld), coupled with his ability to convey multiple perspectives in one song (check out "The Eyes of The Tiger" which is an ode to the mind of Tiger Woods, and "The Manipulation 2") allow us to dive deeper into the mind of the music.

My words really won't do this mixtape justice so, I suggest you click on the link for a listen.

Check out More About Nothing via a link posted by the good folks at UndergroudAppeal.com

Til Next Time,
Happy Downloading!

Love. Peace. Music.



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