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September 3, 2010

Fresh Friday ... Laid Up.

For You All - LAYOP Clothing Company

In 2000, two Michigan natives started Simple & Plain Clothing with the hopes of combining fresh urban gear with custom retro sneakers. In 2006, the gentlemen responsible launched Layop (Live A Your Own Pace) Clothing. I was introduced to LAYOP by a friend of mine and I must say, I'm definitely intrigued by the t-shirt game these fellas posess. I'll be copping my Billboard tee ASAP. Take a look at the merchandise and head over to http://www.layop.com/ to support the positivity.

P.S. An interesting note: the turtle logo "symbolizes courage in the face of adversity and endurance to withstand all obsticles while being mindful of its ultimate goal." How is that for a mission statement?

Check out a few of the pieces that caught my eye. Follow the fellas on Twitter @Layop
Men's Flash Hoodie - Coming Fall 2010

Women's Slow N' Steady Tee - $26.00

Men's Real Compton City "G" Tee - $25.00

Women's Billboard Tee - $25.00

Men's Paint Ball Tee - $30.00

Happy Shopping!
Peace. Love. Fresh.

1 comment:

  1. I love Layop and their mission statement! The world needs to embrace that slogan, because it is a positive message...
    Live At Your Own Pace!