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October 1, 2010

Fresh Friday...We ♥ Vintage.

For Him and Her: Snapback in Time.

Vintage Deadstock - Minnesota Vikings Snapback
$65.00 (Karmaloop)

Anyone who knows me (and probably anyone who has any kind of conversation with me 10 minutes or longer) knows that I've been a Minnesota Vikings fan since I made my way out of the birth canal. Really. :).  Seeing that it is the season of the pigskin, I wanted to make sure y'all were decked in fresh to support your favorite squad.  Nonetheless, when I spotted this vintage snapback brought to us Vintage Deadstock I knew I needed it in my life.  The detailing is probably the best I've seen because Deadstock provides caps from original manufacturers and the selection of professional football, basketball, and baseball teams (plus, collegiate powerhouses) is second to none.  Prices are pretty cheap if you go directly through the Vintage Deadstock site (click the link above).  Their selection on Karmaloop is a bit pricier, however, there are more options.  Enjoy the items I pulled beneath the fold and check the links to order. 


Vintage Deadstock - Chicago Bulls Snapback
$75.00 (Karmaloop)

Vintage Deadstock - Texas Longhorns Snapback
$45.00 (Karmaloop)

To see the selection and purchase checkout Vintage Deadstock and Karmaloop 

For Her: Quilt Chic.

During a bit of retail therapy I spotted the Marc Jacobs, Westside Duffel Bag above and I loved the new take on a vintage quilt pattern classic.  I did not, however, love the price tag.  At $1,150.00 (yes, that is a comma), this bag shall stay right on that shelf but, a girl can dream. :). 

Thus, I was on the hunt for something similar when my Just Fabulous account presented a just fabulous replacement.  The "Grace" pictured below is available in black, red, grey and mustard (I opted for classic black) and is fitted with a delicate quilted texture and chain straps that are incredibly elegant.  The spacious interior and fold-over snap closure make for the perfect blend of functionality and style.  I'll probably utilize this with work attire or pair with jeans and a blazer for a more polished casual look.

The only downside is you must register online for the Just Fabulous membership club in order to purchase, however, the price beats the inconvenience.  Check out images of "Grace" in the various colors and click HERE to register for Just Fabulous.

Just Fabulous - Grace (in Black, Red, Grey, & Mustard)

Happy Shopping!

Peace. Love. Fresh.



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