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November 29, 2010

Beauty and the BEAT.

I like to sing at the top of my lungs and pretend a hairbrush is my microphone so, female artists who provide songs which make this guilty pleasure of mine possible are, most definitely at the top of my "download now" list.  Ms. Jazzy is one such performer.  I've been grooving to Jazzy since she dropped her first LP, Oh Jazzy in 2007 (check it out HERE  if you've yet to hear). 

Her latest full length project Beauty and The Beat can be downloaded for the FREESKI at: www.iamjazzy.com . Now, I've known about this tape since its release in May of this year so, my apologies for bringing it to you so late but, better late than never. Right? ;). 

Ladies will love the undeniable life parallels, fellas will appreciate intricate use of drums and varied beats...it'll bump nice in your whip, and music lovers will absolutely ADORE Jazzy's vocals.  Impeccable backgrounds, harmonies and meticulous attention to detail balance out Jazzy's delicate sound. 

Check her out, become familiar, discover the beauty in her beats.

Business Worthy Tracks:

"Don't Let This Go"
"Just For The Record"
"Remote Control Me"
"Wayzted" featuring J. Doe.

Make sure to check out Jazzy's SHEmix of the Trey Songz hit, "Can't Be Friends".  Download via limelinx by clicking HERE.

Follow Jazzy on Twitter @OHJAZZY

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