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November 29, 2010

Talented Beats...Meet Mr. Rhodes.

The Talented Mr. Rhodes

If you aren't familiar with the Dallas music scene, or, if your stuck in the land of party music and screw, I'd like you to take a moment, clear your ears, and listen to a star in the making.  J. Rhodes, born, Justin Rhodes, is a Dallas bred producer, writer, rapper, engineer and creator of 80's Baby Ent.  Rhodes sets himself apart from the mainstream Dallas movement by not only creating for himself but, maximizing his production and vocal talents and implementing them with his artists.  An example of this can be seen in his latest mixtape release, The Talented Mr. Rhodes.  Collaborations with 80's Baby phenoms Ni Taylor ("King and Queen") and Braysonic ("Don't Stop") only provide more proof that this growing company is producing hits like no other in the Metroplex.

The Talented Mr. Rhodes is the third individual release from J. Rhodes this year, with the first being the  Gloria's Son sicktape release in January 2010 and the second, a compilation of J. Rhodes beats entitled,  Vintage Rhodes Productions  released in August 2010.  The fourteen track release of Talented provides listeners with insight into the mind of J. Rhodes, the artist, as opposed to J. Rhodes, the beat beast.  Tracks like "#Team Rhodes", "King and Queen" feat. Ni Taylor, "UBER" feat. Klyrik, "Invincible" feat. D'Andre, and "The Logo" feat. Sharece all combine Rhodes' unique flow with a one-two lyrical punch. 

While, the mixtape is a nice combination of artistic creativity and lyrical insight, I would have liked to see J. Rhodes go at a few more tracks by his lonesome.  Out of fourteen tracks, ten are loaded with features, lucky for us, the additions are complimentary to Rhodes's verses without overshadowing. 

Nonetheless, Rhodes provides good music for your listening pleasure and only creates more hype for the ever growing music scene in Dallas, Texas.  Artists like Rhodes, and members of his camp, are shattering stereo-types built by the mainstream embrace of the Dallas boogie.  Look to see big things from the very talented, Mr. Rhodes.

Business Worthy Tracks:

Journey into J. Rhodes world with CRAZY concert footage from his monster show at the HOB in Dallas by clicking HERE.

Download The Talented Mr. Rhodes and get familiar with the 80's Baby Family at: www.jrhodes.bandcamp.com

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