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August 18, 2009

Johnta = My Favorite Ocean

Commandments of LOVE.
It's not the newest VH1 reality show...let's hope. :) Four-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Johnta Austin (best known for his hit "Turn It Up") released his version of Biggie's epic "10 Crack Commandments" aptly titled, "10 Love Commandments".
The original beat remains the same (thank GOD) but, Johnta switches it up with his sing-song vocals and simple, yet, intricate background vocals around the 1:25 mark, and there are of course, the lyrics. Johnta pretty much breaks down his manual on the do's and don'ts of relationship etiquette:
"...Number 5//Surprise//You should never lie//Cuz what's done in the dark always comes to the light//A real human being only stands by the truth//So no matter what the problem that's exactly what you do..."
"...Number 8//This one is short and sweet//If God ain't in the mix then your headed for defeat..."
"...Number 9//Shoulda been number 1 to me//Fellas if you ain't sure don't you give her no ring//Marriage is a journey that you can't take lightly//And because she got your kids that don't mean make her your Wifey"
I am in LOVE with this song. Aside from actually remixing this hit and not making it lame (sorry, J. Holiday), Johnta Austin has come up with a clever spin on a classic while schooling us in a way that is positively entertaining. I especially agree with numbers 2, 3, 5, 6 (hehehe), 7 (YES LAWD), 8 (praise him)...heck, all of em. In fact, I've added a one: Number 11//Better listen to Johnta//if you don't the one you love'll be the one that got away...ayy! :) Lame. I know. :)
If you haven't already heard his album Ocean Drive definitely listen. My favorite track: "The One Who Got Away."
Seriously a must download.

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