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August 19, 2009

Make No Mistake When I Check My Fresh...Shoe Game.

...Heel Love.

I think its safe to say I am a certified shopaholic. I get some perverse type of pleasure from finding crazy deals or interesting/different items that nobody else would think to wear. Mini-fashionista, I suppose. In the same breath I am also extremely cheap with my dough. If I cannot come up with some logical reason (no matter how far-reaching) for me to shell out $130 for a pair or jeans or $$$ (this shall remain priceless) for a silk chemise blouse, I will not purchase. This rule of mine does not however apply to shoes. Not. At. All.

While I don't mind dropping some cash for a pair of Louboutin's or a fresh pair of Supra's, I can't resist a good bargain. This is why I have fallen back in love with Steve. Steve Madden.
The Steve Madden shoe brand has recently expanded to create Steven by Steve Madden and Steve Madden Luxe, sold online and primarily at the large retail store, DSW. These shoes are show-stoppin to a T at the fraction of the price. My birthday shoes were of the Luxe variety and I must say, my fresh was on a 10. Check out the shoes I've picked below. Lemme know if you drool. :)
Steve Madden "Blazzer" also available in Black and White...The purple are my favorite. Priced at $149.95 US.

Steve Madden "Cheryl" also available in Blue (Fire!!), Black and Wine (pictured). Tell me these aren't amazing for $59.97 US!

Last but not least...

Steven by Steve Madden...introducing..."Salsera"...priced at $169.95 US, I do believe she is gorgeous... :)
Please click on the links below to purchase or view more shoes in this collection:
Ladies. Enjoy. Fellas, go get someone a gift. :)

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  1. So true gorgeous!! Fashion and style is not a price...but how you assemble it ;)