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December 20, 2009

New Music: Usher, Justin Timberlake and JoJo

...This week has been CRAZY with new music. I picked a few of my favorites. Make sure you also check out the play list for your week. Download. Love. Be Merry.

"IN MY BAG" Feat. T.I.

Usher...or Urrsher as I like to say, is coming back with more fire after the release of "Papers", if you haven't heard it...do better. Nonetheless, check out the Scott Storch produced track (Storch is on a roll, huh?). Not sure how much I'm liking it as a single for Mr. Raymond. Usher seems to be taking a different lyrical route with rap/freestyle/sing-talking on the verses. Plus, not really used to hearing him talk mess. See the example below. It's kind of...awkward.

"Can't doubt me//Won't out me//Wouldn't even have a style without me..."

LOL. Nonetheless, T.I. gets it in around the 3:15 mark. Good track for Usher's 6th studio LP, Raymond v. Raymond, set to drop March 1, 2010 ...this could change though...AGAIN.

Honorable Mentions...worth the download:

"Daddy's Home", "Papers (Remix)" feat. 2 Pistols and "Stay Down" (THE BUSINESS)

Sigh...moving on...

"Winner" Justin Timberlake feat. Jamie Foxx

There isn't much to say about this joint other than, DOWNLOAD IT NOW. Rob Knox knocked this one out the park. This Justin Timberlake/Jamie Foxx collaboration balances well. The lyrical content leaves more to be desired but, who can resist a feel good anthem? Check it out. :)

...the video should be interesting...I just hope Jamie doesn't try to dance....

Last but, not least...


...She's Pretty Much Grown...

The little girl with the big voice that captivated us all back in 2004 with her self-titled debut album (tell me her remake of SWV's "Weak" is not still the jam), and again in 2006 with the LP entitled: The High Road , is back...almost.

After conflict with a sketchy distribution deal and her long-time label, Blackground Records, JoJo is finally moving forward with new material. I have a few of the songs that have been leaked from her upcoming album entitled, All I Want Is Everything and I encourage you to download all of the tracks listed below. With tracks produced by Tank, Bryan-Michael Cox, Jovan Dais, and Chad Hugo, among others, I look forward to this being her breakthrough record...let us hope. Her 3rd LP is set for release in January 2010 but, I haven't heard much promotion for it so, we shall see. I encourage you to download the songs below.

1) "Do What You Gotta Do"
2)"I Hate Love" (BUSINESS)
3) "Forever In My Life" (BUSINESS)

4) "Fly Away" (BUSINESS)

5) Keep Forgetting (To Forget About You)

P.S. Also check out a few Honorable Mentions from JoJo:

"25 to Life";

"You Take Me Around The World"; and

"Wrong Man For The Job"

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