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June 23, 2010

Mixtapes, Pt. II

Tongue and Cheek...Cheeki Pow Pow Hear Me Roar

Mixtapes provide a great venue for artists to put their own creative spin on existing hits. Cheeki Pow Pow capitalized on that very concept within her Hear Me Roar release. Three of the eleven tracks are "She-mix's" of such hits as "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz, "Day N' Night" by Kid Cudi and "Say Something" by Drake.

Production quality isn't completely up to par however, the lyrical content is both thought provoking and flat out funny. For example, on her she-mix of "Say Something", Cheeki takes a stab at a rhyming about a boyfriend who came out on the other end of the 80/20 rule:
"...You took us off our grind for a b----- without a bachelors/That's like trading in Vuitton for a clearance Baby Phat clutch."

Cheeki's wit and originality make this a mixtape worth the listen.

Business Worthy Tracks:
"Not U Itz Me"; "Day N Night"; "Hurt U Gud"; and "Say Something (She-Mix)"

Click HERE to listen to Hear Me Roar on DatPiff.com

Mr. Everything: Marty B.
Oreos, Kicks, & Video Games

The second Moonshine Kid featured in this series may be a name you are familiar with. Martellus Bennett, also known as Marty B, is a constant Youtube presence, creator of 'Hyperbole' clothing and, he's pretty good at football too. ;)

Nonetheless, the man who seems to have a talent for pretty much everything has released his second summer mixtape entitled, Oreos, Kicks and Video Games. Self described "patio music", Oreos combines a host of witty Marty-isms with a plethora of catch hooks and nod worthy beats. If you take a moment to listen to the lyrics, you'll also note a consistant play on words that would typically go unappreciated. An example of this can be seen in the track, "Velvet Ropes":

"Flows just dope/You would know if you listen/But, Khalid not my DJ/So, they don't hear the things we say/Tom Hanks my tapes/Just Cast Away/Hoping they'll last a day on their list of things to play/ok f--- it/I'll play my own s---/...my life just real my n----/no skits."

To check out more from Marty B and the Moonshine Kids, and to view and purchase Hyperbole apparel, visit www.dacoolsociety.com

To download Oreos, Kicks and Video Games click HERE

Business Worthy Tracks:

"Hearts and Love" ft. Micah Seth

"Better Place" ft. Shaud Money

"What More Can I Say?" ft. Dessie Lee and Shaud Money

"Velvet Ropes"

Honorable Mentions:

"Taxi" ft. Shaud Money

"Hello, Good Morning" ft. Shaud Money

"Sky Talk"

*Side note: You may be wondering who did the fantastic art work for the Oreos, Kicks and Video Games cover. None other than graphic designer/Photographer/All around know it all Ashley B. Nguyen. Hit her up on twitter @AshleyANP and on her website at: www.ashnguyen.com

And I'm Gone.

Peace. Love. Music.



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