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June 20, 2010

You Ain't Nobody Until...You Make A Mixtape...Part One.

Here a Mix Tape, There a Mix Tape, Everywhere a Mix Tape.

The mix tape phenomenon has been prevalent for years. Unsigned artists or DJ's compile songs and distribute to the masses without the promo and traditional hoopla created with the release of commercial LP's. However, the art of releasing freebies is no longer limited to those without massive contracts and has become somewhat of a necessity to stay relevant in a game that releases (and leaks, i.e. Drake, Thank Me Later) more new music per day than Tupac did post mortem.

While I feel it safe to say that the beloved Mix Tape, and free music in general (hooray!), are here to stay, I find it quite intriguing that this tool is primarily used to hype commercial releases. Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, and the aforementioned, Mr. Drizzy Drake, have emphasized this with massive downloads of free music prior to the releases of their big label projects. The buzz created by the free-ninety-nine tracks pretty much secured chart worthy release figures.

With that, anyone trying to launch a career as an MC or songbird would do well to respect the Mix Tape hustle. I took to my twitter loves (follow me: @Chan_Lo) for advice on new business worthy artists. I received such a great response that I've decided to give you two a week...so much music, so little brain power. So, check below for installment one of independent joints worth checking out.

Happy Downloading.

Leirow Presents...Euphoria

Originally from Harrisburg, PA, Leirow brings a sweet voice to the table in this compilation. Eight songs complete the tape, three are definite downloads: "Blow Over", "Micromanagement" which is reminiscent of A. Keys' "Karma" and "Happy Now" which finds us with a familiar track made popular by Melanie Fiona with "It Kills Me."

Leirow's tone is brilliant and the tracks are well produced. Lyrical content left a bit to be desired however, the songs above help the tape recover nicely.

Click HERE to listen to Euphoria on DatPiff.com

SOLO DOLO: $haud Money
Solo Flight

Have you ever met a Moonshine Kid? Say hello to Shaud Money, aka, Reshaud Bennett, who happens to be 1/3 of the Moonshine Kids, other members include singer Chris Jobe and Bennett's older brother, Martellus. Originally from Louisiana, Shaud Money brings a unique, distinctly southern sound to his tracks. Solo Flight allows listeners to hear a glimpse of a fresh, young MC whom, with growth, could create quite a name for himself.

Though his flow is slightly raw, witty anecdotes and laid-back delivery make it easy for Solo Flight to cruise through your head phones.

Peep a few of my favorite cuts from Solo Flight:
"Forever Love" (the hook on this joint will stay in your head for hours.);
"Find My Passport"; "Lights, Camera, Action"; "Ear Dope" (production credit to Johnny Juliano. Beat is a wonderful blend of guitar and synth); and "Text Her Back" feat. Denali Nova.

Want more from Shaud Money? Check out his next mixtape in collaboration with another Moonshine Kid Marty B, entitled, Audio Tutorials, set to drop June 25th.

I've included a few of his free-styles below. Make sure you check out his flow on both the "Deuces" and "Rude Boy" instrumentals ...irony, huh? :)

Download "Deuces" Freestyle - Shaud Money
Download "Rude Boy" Freestyle - Shaud Money

Click HERE to download Solo Flight on LimeLinx

Till Pt. II...Peace. Love. Music.



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