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July 5, 2010

Mixtape Monday ... Big Talk. Big Walk.

The Future Is Bright - Ghostwridah

In Love With My Future

I was privledged enough to receive one of the first leaks of Ghostwridah's latest mixtape, In Love With My Future, prior to its release at 8pm EST on July 1st. Needless to say, I've been jamming this for almost 2 weeks now...and I've yet to get tired of it. Propelled by the release and subsequent internet smash of "Redbottoms" produced by none other than, DJ Don Cannon, In Love With My Future could very well be the mixtape that takes Ghostwridah from New Miami icon to reppin the 305 at the Grammy's. This is the first tape, since the release of Anticipation by Trey Songz in the Summer of 2009, that I have listened to all the way through, back to back, to back, to back. It's that good.

Ghostwridah already proved he could deliver lyrically and put his heart on the highway with his last mixtape release, 305's and Heartbreaks. The In Love With My Future project only reinforces his way with words on EACH and EVERY song. I hate to toot the man's horn but, BEEP. BEEP. BEEEEEEEEEEEP. Although, the tape gives us more of a glimpse at Wridah's rise to the top and less of his personal struggles, he still paints a vivid picture of the road to his future. In "Look At Me Now" feat. Kirby, he highlights the glaring contrasts between his then and his now. Peep the first verse below:

"I guess this is what it feels like when you doin' big s&*t/Now they call you "sir" when they used to call you "misfit"/

Used to call security when we was in they stores/Now we all over the globe and they want us in they clothes/

Last year I was a n&*%a/Now I'm a Negro/Shawty said I wasn't rich enough to get her out her clothes/

Now the tables done turned and she throw it like Tebow/Problem is you was a dime/Now you just a zero/

You're boyfriend's hero, Homie used to sneak this/Heard he tryin to rap now he beggin for them features/

Cheerin from the bleachers every time that I touchdown/Used to play the ground floor, guess I'm goin up now/

used to do the Red cups now we doin Rose/...was doin ok but, now we doing splendid/my doors went suicide what a way to end it."

Fresh beats + Songs that flow + Features that hold their weight (my favorite may just be Bun B's appearance on the Big Tex, candy paint infused, "Ridin" produced by DJ Ideal) all = a memorable download.

*note: Ghostwridah also worked with DJ Ideal on the Coming From The Bottom mixtape. Peep game.

Needless to say, I'm a fan of this mixtape. With over 6,000 downloads in the first week alone, I'd go on a limb and say quite a few people are feeling the future as well.

Business Worthy Tracks:


"Red Bottoms" - Peep this ode to the gold-diggers of the universe. Last verse had me rolling.

"Look At Me Now" feat. Kirby

"Still Not Famous" - Reminds me of a combination of B.O.B.'s "Airplanes" and Jay-Z's "Forever Young."

"Ridin" - Paul Wall would be proud. Throw up those H's. If you like this, make sure you play Drake's "November 18th" for a screwed up experiance.

To learn more about the homie Ghostwridah and to download In Love With My Future, head to http://www.ghostwridah.com/ and visit him on Twitter @_GhostWridah_

Big Deal - Asia'h
Deal With It

I stumbled across Asia'h Epperson, on one of my random internet music missions. Not until I did my research did I remember her as a season 7 contestant on American Idol. Her signing to Babyface's label, Soda Pop, piqued my interest, and the affiliation with bomb-diggity DJ, Don Cannon, made me download, however, it was the music on her mixtape entitled, Deal With It, that earned these joints a spot on my playlist.

Deal With It combines remixed versions of "Say Something" (Drake and Timbaland), "Bedrock" (Young Money) and "Sex Therepy" (Robin Thicke) as well as four original tracks.

Make sure you peep this ASAP if you love R&B. If Asia'h's first mixtape is any indication, I'm sure she'll be in heavy rotation sooner rather than later.

Business Worthy Tracks:
"Outta Time" - The witty punchlines in this track have made it a repeat.
"Open You Up"
"Say Something" (Remix) - This is probably one of the best additions to this song I've heard yet. Peep a portion of Asia'h's verse below:

"...you talking real fly out the window of your truck/to everything you catching walkin up out the club/Huh?/Its clear that where I am ain't really where you tryin to be at/It's sad that when I need ya you don't ever have my back/we were the perfect pair and now it seems that we don't match/it ain't the money boy, its how you act."

Download Deal With It by heading to http://www.asiahonline.com/ .

Follow Asia'h on Twitter: @asiahe

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