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July 19, 2010

Mixtape Monday: Free DOWNloaders

The Dallas hip-hop scene has been recently known for producing music that is fun to dance to but, lacking in significant substance. This week we profile two Dallas stand-outs that may have you bobbing your head to something a bit more substantial.

Be Free - Sore Losers
Free Loaders

Meet the Sore Losers, a young group straight out of the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Sore Losers (consisting of members, Brandon “King” Blue and rapper Vince “Encyclopedia” Brown) were introduced by Dallas standout, Dorrough (of "Ice Cream Paint Job" fame). Sore Losers recently released their first mixtape entitled, Free Loaders.

Free Loaders is a combination of sounds reminiscent of such artists as Lupe Fiasco, Gnarls Barkley and Travie McCoy. I'm not crazy about the fact that the tape isn't anything I haven't heard before, however, anyone who has read my reviews can see that I am a true fan of people who can rely on their words and not on the beats their given. While the content is raw, it is also based on their own experiences and touches on issues ranging from relationships to troubled childhoods.

I look forward to seeing what comes next from this duo and trust you'll appreciate what this Dallas group has to offer.

To download Free Loaders on Datpiff.com, click here: Sore Losers - Free Loaders
Visit the Sore Losers on twitter: @SoreLosers , @BlueSoLoser and @BrownSoLoser

No Fear - Nick Pratt
Fear of Falling

Nick Pratt, originally of Fort Worth, Texas, attempts to give listeners a glimpse of his collegiate life in his mixtape, Fear of Falling. Pratt collaborated with young producers on the come-up including, Beewirks and CSB (Catholic School Boys), to create a sound that is creative and raw.

Fear of Falling offers up quite a bit of material with 15 tracks pegged and one ("Flying" featuring Brian Francis) that is a dual song timed at the 10 minute, 28 second mark. While Fear of Flying provides a lot to listen to, I feel the tracks are missing a certain cohesive element. Stand out tracks "Push It", "Choices", "Run", "Wait" and the title track, "Fear of Falling", give us a glimpse of Pratt's notable lyrical skills.

Ultimately, Fear of Falling is a solid first project from Nick Pratt. Looking forward to hearing more from this Texas musician as he hones his talent.

To check out Nick Pratt's mixtape, Fear of Falling, go to: http://nickprattmusic.bandcamp.com/

Follow Nick on Twitter @NickPrattMusic

Until Next Time,

Peace. Love. Music.



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