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July 30, 2010

That New New ... Fresh Fridays

UnKommonly FRESH

Here at SBNP and Underground Appeal, we've decided to become a bit more well rounded when it comes to delivering goodies to the masses. Thus, in addition to Mixtape Mondays (this week's was dope huh? lol), we are also introducing Fresh Fridays. Our very first subject: the fresh dudes of UnKommon Kolor (UNKO) Be prepared to purchase and fall in retail love.

UNKO is a brand that combines skateboard style with fashionable ideas that literally could and do appeal to everyone. The plethora of clothing items offered include t-shirts and recently introduced "hangables" (pictured), as well as something I've yet to witness: customized painted fitteds. For those of you who are into distinguishing yourself from the next, this item is for you.

Peep the pics and make sure you check out the limited edition re-release of two of UNKO's biggest sellers. The peeps there have released a nifty "Black Pack" on sale now.

Check the links below and become familiar with the UnKommon. :)

Peace. Love. Fresh.



Check out the clothes, accessories and customs at: http://www.theunko.com/

Check out the Spring 2010 lookbook here.

Hit up the masterminds behind the line on Twitter:

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  1. UK's something serious. Luckily, I've been able to be a witness to it from the beginning. They're making a lotta folks proud.