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August 26, 2010

Fresh Friday ... Shoe Loyalty

For the Ladies - Shoe Dazzle

As a confessed shoe addict, I'll be the first to let anyone know that when it comes to shoes, no price is too great for a fly heel, wedge, or sandal. My obsession with shoes is slightly disturbing and ShoeDazzle to me, is the the equivilent to giving the cat lady another cat...well, maybe not, but nonetheless, the discovery of this online shoe rack pretty much solidified my love for one click shopping.

ShoeDazzle, created by the one-woman show known as Kim Kardashian, is an online membership club created to bring fresh shoe trends to the masses at a portian of the retail price. For a measly $39.99/month, you receive multiple shoe options picked personally for you by a team of stylists who cater to your specific wants via an online survey. If the options selected don't work for you, you can ask that more be sent or, you can decline for that month and you won't have to pay a dime. Upon selecting a fabulous pair of shoes (I actually have the bright pink heels in the picture above - love em...and a portion of my purchase went to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.) your shoes will be shipped to the location of your choosing at no additional cost.

The fine folks at ShoeDazzle recently added purses and jewelry to your selection process. I've yet to figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing for my wallet. Nonetheless, ShoeDazzle is a wonderful tool for the budget friendly fashionista or the girl on the go. Go be dazzled.

Check out www.shoedazzle.com and register for membership.

Visit the stylists on Twitter @ShoeDazzle

For the Fellas...and the Ladies - Loyal KNG

I was on twitter...you know...tweeting, and I noticed a follow from this group. Naturally, I checked them out and I was quite taken with their merchandise. So much so, that I wanted to make sure to bring it to you. Loyal KNG (Loyal K.nowledge N.ever G.oes) is a Texas based clothing company specializing in custom t-shirts.

I especially admire the fresh graphics and the ode to the crew neck sweatshirt (I'll definitely be copping the black) in addition to the unique design, Loyal KNG gear is wonderfully priced with tees starting at $19.99 and sweatshirts selling for $40.00.

The samples below are priced as follows:

The Greatest Game Tee - $30.00 (available in black, heather grey and purple)

Gravestein Bear Sweatshirt - $40.00 (available in heather grey and black)

Below: Creative Stimulants Tee - $30.00 (available in heather grey, teal and black)

Got Brain? T-Shirt - $19.99 (for green) $24.99 (for purple and black)

*note: with every purchase, you receive a $5.00 Loyal KNG sticker pack (pictured at the start).

To cop fresh gear, check out their blog and absorb all that is Loyal KNG, visit them at: www.loyalkng.com

Follow them on Twitter @LoyalKNG

And I'm Gone.

Peace. Love. Fresh.



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