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August 29, 2010

Mixtape Monday ... No Take Backs.

*Chan.Lo. Note: Blogspot and the 'Post' button weren't on the same page yesterday so, due to my hard work, dedication, unlimited amounts of frustration, and the threats I've received about another Mixtape Monday feature, I've decided to post what was supposed to be yesterday's edition, today. Tuesday. You'll also get a wonderful Truth Tuesday piece by our resident cool guy, Kenny Masenda. :) Enjoy the music and the commentary. This was worth the wait.
A Voice of Her Own - JoJo
Can't Take That Away From Me

I've loved JoJo for quite some time. Truly. I've always wanted her to grow into big things because, to me, her voice is unparalleled. In a world of cookie-cutter music, she has always sang about things relevant to her audience. This mixtape, her first, is no different. While I was slightly surprised at the apparent shift in genre, I must say her ability to speak volumes and touch the soul of listeners is still extremely intact. I'd like to see her go back to more of an R&B edge but, this mixtape shows that she's in a good place to make more significant career moves and like I said, I've always expect her to do big things. I hope she capitalizes.

Business Worthy Tracks

"Can't Take That Away From Me" - The 80's/Early 90's infused beat is a nice change. JoJo works the background vocals as well.

"Why Didn't You Call?" - Similar to a NERD track, this isn't something I would have heard as an R&B/rock infused track. JoJo plays well on the melody.

"Just A Dream" - Acoustic guitar accompanies JoJo on this India. Arie-esqe track. I could totally see her singing this in a coffee shop or open mic night. Beautiful arrangement and honest lyrics. Two thumbs up.

"What You Like" Feat. Jordan Gatsby - This is my favorite of the two duos featured on the mixtape. The use of her higher register is something JoJo capitalizes on with this piece. Very reminiscent of a joint from Prince, especially with the electric guitar break around the 1:40 mark.

"Boy Without A Heart" - This is on repeat. Classic honest JoJo. This will pull at the heartstrings of even the iciest of hearts. I know more than a few will adopt this as an anthem. Peep the chorus below:

"Cause you/You'll never change/The games that you play/It's just who you are/And I have to believe/It's you and not me/The boy without a heart."

Sheesh. Dry your eyes.

"All I Want Is Everything" - The title of her unreleased album that was set for release last year, this track is a prime combination of R&B and Pop. I could definitely hear Mary J. Blige with this on her roster. One of those songs that will force a head nod, not to mention the catchy hook.

Click HERE to download Cant Take That Away From Me by JoJo

Visit JoJo on Twitter @JoJoIsTheWay

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