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September 27, 2010

Mixtape Monday...The Eyes Reveal - Spotlight: Dallas, TX.

Chan.Lo. Note: None of the experiences I've had in the Lone Star State have led me to a more eclectic form of expression than with all the new music (and artists) coming out of Dallas, Texas.  The national perception is that joints coming out of this part of the country are strictly limited to candy paint infused party music or chopped and screwed tracks with bass that blows out even the sturdiest of sound systems.  However, I've noticed a very prevalent underground music community that engages in art that in unrestricted, undefined, and under appreciated.  I've decided to utilize Mixtape Monday for the next few weeks to spotlight a few of Dallas's local artists who are not only embracing the differences in their sound but, attempting to break away from unwarranted stereotypes.  Have your headphones handy.

The Eyes Reveal - IC3

IC3 (EyeSee3) is a Billboard Award winning Artist/Songwriter who just happens to be a staple in the Dallas music scene.  His original vocals (Imagine 'The Dream' if he could actually rap) and the content he produces set his work apart from the party music free-flowing on radio.  Music with a message is the prevalent theme in his latest mixtape, Revelations.  Tying musical mediocrity to biblical end times, IC3 utilizes his voice to challenge others to stop "living to end" and prepare for "judgement day."  Though some of the tracks seem to become slightly repetitive, the message is clear and positive.  Check the list of Business Worthy tracks.  With twenty-two songs to choose from, you won't be disappointed.

Business Worthy

#2: "Revelations" - Don't be confused by the gamer-esqe beat.  Listen to the lyrics and you'll hear  the confessions of a studio junkie.  Check IC3's singing skills on the hook. 

#3: "Lookin Ass" - This joint grows on you.  The chorus is simple.  You'll find the real meat in verses one and two.

#6: "I'm Dying" - The theme of this particular mixtape can all be tied to this particular piece.  Please take note of the lyrics.  It applies to us all.  Check the first verse below:
"...what I portray to them/I'm disobeying Him/Oooh she bad/I need it in my life/What MJ?/I need to think twice/I'm living my life like I have no jury/But, I want all of the jewelry in the world/...We get as far as we want by who we know/...I wonder if we get as far the day that we die."

#13: "Limelight" - If your a person who listens more for beats than for content, check out this joint.  The beat is sick.  Sounds like it would've fit right into Kanye West's classic College Dropout LP.

#19: "The Future" - Spitting truth in this song. Simple beat combines with strings and guitar riffs.  IC3 dominates this particular track with metaphors and examples of life's struggles.  Quote worthy music right here.

Honorable Mentions

#4: "4Eva"

#7: "Dreamgirl"

#7 & 12: "Get Right (Freestyle)" & "Hip Hop (Freestyle)" - Anyone who knows me knows I have every respect for MC's who can flow off the top of the dome.  It's a talent that is rarely recognized as a rarity.  The 1st freestyle isn't the greatest I've heard but, its nice.  Check out #12 for more meat.  Take a listen.

#20: "Choices"

To listen to tracks and download Revelations, click HERE

Visit http://www.eyesee3.com/ for more information and additional songs and make sure you follow on Twitter @ic3

In addition, make sure you click the link to check out IC3's music video for "Losing My Mind".

Peace. Love. Music.



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