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December 30, 2009

Press Play...

Ready. Set. Download.

I wanted to get you all a few reviews this week (i.e. Mary J. Blige's new album and Robin Thicke's new LP, Sex Therepy) but, here's my weekly playlist to tide you over. :) Start your engines...

1) "More Than Love" feat. Fabolous - Amerie
(...interesting. Amerie is coming hard with a new sound. Spotlight artist perhaps...?)

2) "Black Culture" - Beyonce
(Lady B is straight up Pam Grier in this joint. Black Panther party 2010 theme song. LOL. Not sure how I feel about this one yet but, its B so...do what you do.)

3) "Stilettos and A Tee" - Bobby Valentino
(Bobby seems to be reverting back to his "Beep" days with this one. Take a listen.)

4) "Straight To The Dance Floor" feat. Lil Wayne - Jamie Foxx
(...so, Weezy seems to be the one man hit factory. Can you say, "weezy approved" ? Track is hot. Not Jamie's best though. If your thinking it'll be another "Blame It", think again.)

5) "It's Been A Pleasure" - Drake
(Just a beat and this dude. Simple but great. Download it. Cannot wait for the REAL album...can I get an advanced copy though...hint hint...)

6) "Perfectly Different" - Karina Pasian
(Another Troy Taylor prodigy (i.e. Trey Songz), this girl is one to watch out for. Lil A. Keys right here.)

7) "Little Freak" feat. Nikki Manaj - Usher
(This is just one of those you'll have to download and either like or hate on your own. Polo the Don delivers on the beat...its just...is it me or is Usher getting a little vulgar with it? Listen for yourself...)

8) "Tipsy" feat. The Dream - Tayma Loren
(I was pleasantly surprised by this joint. Definitely download. You'll likey.)

9) "Pass That Dutch" - Young Money
(Thought I would hate it. It's got some fire though. Drake does what he does. Check out his verse... "No tats but the ink on my money's still wet...". POW!)

10) "Eletric Sex" - Jazzy
(Yes...I spelled it right. :) I've been down with Jazzy since "In Love" and "Makeup" dropped a few years ago. She's one to watch. Download "Eletric Sex" and her previous records. Production is top-notch.)

-Enjoy the playlist loves. I'll holla at you in 2010. New bangers...new attitude. Get ready. :)



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