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March 8, 2010

Put Your Records On...

Hear Ye...Hear Ye... :) Time for a Download...

Hey ya'll check out my latest playlist below. Some new artists, some old, some you've never heard of and a few on the verge. Check them out and follow me on twitter for more music, madness and random hilarity. :) @Chan_Lo

Happy Downloading! :op

1) "Busy" - Lyfe Jennings (Business)

This joint is a good look for Lyfe. You know how your always too busy to return that phone call? Take a look from the other perspective. Lyrical LYFE. Download like yesterday.

2) "Til The Day I Die" - Trey Songz

This joint was released back in February but, its still going hard on my Recently Played list. If you haven't heard it, get yourself some ear candy. If you have heard it, listen again.

3) "Take It All" - Brandon Hines (BUSINESS)

Been peepin Mr. Hines since his days at HU. This dude is one of the most under-rated artists you'll find out now. Get on this joint. P.S. Voice is like butter. If you want more, check out "10".

4) "Love Hurts" - Nivea

The second almost Mrs. Carter is back with a heartfelt ballad which is, dare I say, clearly about a certain dread locked lyrical genius? :) Check it out. Nivea has more range than she shows in this song but, its a nice introduction back to the game.

5) "Swag Sex" - Marques Houston feat. Soulja Boy

I really thought I would listen to this and roll my eyes the entire time...however, I actually am feelin it. Not business worthy but, worth a listen. MH is actually dropping some knowledge though: "...when you throw it you better put it in the endzone, sex game wack, she gon put you in the friend zone..." ;)

6) "Love Freak" - Trey Songz

The original R&B mixtape master, Trigga, dropped another mixtape entitled, 'Let Me Hold That Beat'. "Love Freak" is his version of Usher's "Little Freak"...LOL. No words. Download the whole mixtape & have yourself a Trey Day. ;oP

7) "Wait A Minute (For Your Love)" - JoJo

Someone please get this girl more promo. Talented. Song is FIRE. Download now.

8) "Fear of Flying" - Brandy (BUSINESS)

Ms. Norwood is back with this inspirational ballad. Good stuff. I must admit...I've missed her.

9) "Over" - Drake (BIG BUSINESS)

Clap. Clap. Bravo. Great introduction to the new album. Can't wait to hear what is next from Mr. October. Dude can create a flow with the craziest beats...this is evidence. Big business download bayyybeeee.

10) "Ha Ha" Fat Joe feat. Young Jeezy (BIG BUSINESS)

Joe Craaaaaccccckkkkk. LOL. Beat? Check. 2 of the best MC's in the game SPITTIN CRAZY? Check. On my playlist? You know this...Maaaann.

11) Tied up: "Redbottoms" and "Crazy" - Ghostwridah

Tracks both produced by the crazy talented Don Cannon and graced by Mr. On the Come-up himself, Ghostwridah. Please do yourself a favor and get acquainted with the future.

Enjoy the list. More for you soon.

Love. Peace. Music.



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