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September 17, 2010

Fresh Friday...Shoe Time.

For Her - Its All About The Boots

Admit Boot - Carlos by Carlos Santana (Black and Brown)
On SALE - $118.95

As fall approaches, I've kept my eye out for interesting finds in the shoe department.  Ok, I ALWAYS keep my eyes open in the shoe department regardless of season, however, I've noticed a return to buckles and boots.  I'm definitely into the ankle boot craze (recently bought a pair with a bow. Don't judge me.), and I wanted to share the pair above with the ladies who have a passion for fashion but, not a penchent for paying one months rent.  I found these Carlos by Carlos Santana booties on www.Zappos.com and I fell in shoe love.  The edgy buckle and crosshatch detail make these an easy way to spice up a simple outfit.  Pairing these boots with ripped skinnies, a tank and a scarf (and maybe a little red lip for extra oomph) would make for a quick, budget-friendly look.

For Him - Wood Shock

How much wood could a Wood-Shock chuck if a Wood-Shock could chuck wood? Ok. Sorry. :) I saw this watch and thought it couldn't actually be made out of wood...a G-Shock? I was wrong.  The W-Shock features hand-and laser-crafted wooden bodies with original straps and dials from the Casio G-Shock.  Even though it's a bit spendy (the pictured watches will run you between $250 and $285 US) it's definitely a fresh take on a classic.  If you are watch fien, this is a piece worth copping.  Check the images below for more views and visit www.w-shock.com to purchase.

Happy Shopping!

Peace. Love. Fresh.



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